So, you are about to make a decision… 


Luxurious Mature Sensual Blonde
Luxurious Mature Sensual Blonde

I am honored!


Below are some important details you need to know:

Aditional Information:
Do not be affraid to share your information. Your data is safe with me, if we don’t reach a session agreement, all info will be deleted. I’ll take care of your privacy concerns, (believe me) they are also mine. I’ve been with the most important, nicest people a lady can dream of. We all got a LOT to loose, so my paramounts are discretion & safety! The info you provide, is JUST to assure you are a good person. In NO circumstances your data will be shared. And you won’t share mine either!
How The Bookings Are Done?
RESTRICTLY USING MY WEBFORM The Easiest and Faster way to Book a Date with me. Your request will be received BY MYSELF. Using My Form, gives me the feeling and understanding that you are serious, so I’ll make you my priority. The Webform allows a faster answer of your request. Please understand: This is a -BUSINESS-. The booking process will be done in a professional manner. Bookings require discretion & safety, so the form is exactly “all in one”. We will socialize in person but at the introduction, let’s take this seriously. If you give me “insecurity” when filling my form, I will probabily reject the appointment. MAKE SURE TO HAVE: DATE &TIME set.
Phone calls:
I’m busy in my personal life & sessions. Honestly, the virtual work can be overwhelming, I deal with many calls/texts and emails everyday. Having this website (where you can check all details), facilitate both of our lives. Voice calls might happen to voiceverify (if needed) and we both will agree in a schedule. Thank you.
Payments and Tributes:
All bookings require at least a deposit!
I don't like Deposits, is there any othet way?
If you have no desite to pay the deposit I require, please save yourself time and go look for someone who doesn't expect them. Deposits are safeguard of my time, as a business. Yes, my body is my business and it is self-care not worrying about cancelations.
How to Proceed With Booking:
Use My Webform. I’ll be notified, when accepted, I’ll let you know, through email, than you’ll proceed to the financial part, using one of the Methods listed In My WebForm. I offer MINIMUM 90 Min session (+some sort of other arrangements). Please ask about the possibility of extended hours and multi discounts. I'll always favor you because you choose me. All bookings require 3 hours of advance notice. There are no “right now” appointments.
Can you send me pictures? Videos?
Sometimes I do, or I will. But that is a "courtesy". I have my Clip Store where you can buy all my content, if you like. Please understand: I am a professional. Producing a "Clip" or doing Photo-shoots can be costly. Think in all what is involved? Lights, outfits, time, driving (sometimes flying), cameras, equipment, studio and third parts. I am not a "self made" video producer. I often hire professionals to do my pictures and videos. I am not a "selfie" person, I love to deliver to you a beautiful and professional work. You should not ask for pictures or videos. Instead support me and buy my content.      
Who Mistress Roberta Likes to See?
I am your fan, where should I send you a Tribute or Buy your content?
You can Use GiftRock or some other options, please email me I will send you the links
9:00 AM till 9:00 PM For anything different than that, consider 24 hours booking in advance. Monday Till Saturday Sundays Upon Request Please book in advance. Thanks

So much things to say…

Luxurious Mature Sensual Blonde
Luxurious Mature Sensual Blonde

In adition, I won‘t see clients from any Review Board.
I am a DO NOT REVIEW Provider.


ALL “1st timers” will BE DOING (a minimum mandatory) DEPOSIT OF 50% in order to book.

If cancelling (3 hrs before) you’ll be able use it to a reschedule a session in the next 10 days.

If you cancel in less time than mentioned then you forfeit your deposit.
I do not engage in criminal activities.I have a very restrictive ANTI-DRUG policy.

Although a glass of wine or champagne enlights my day…

Your date will be terminated if:

There is any mention of drugs or excessive drinking happens.

We are responsible adults who wish an amazing time. That is all.








*This is a case by case and also upon my discretion and decision…

Honesty means a lot to me.

I am sure we will get along…

You are a gentleman!

Miss Roberta


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