Mistress Roberta

Luxurious Mature Sensual Blonde    


Below are some important details you need to know:

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Is Roberta your real name?
Yes, it is.
Who does Mistress Roberta like to see?
Mature (35+ preferred), upscale, professional gents. I adore older men, so the older you are, the better.
What is the minimum age you accept?
Mature (35 Plus) Suitors.
How do I book an appointment with you?
Decide on a date, time, appointment length, and location, then use my WebForm Page. Make sure to provide all the required information and please be truthful, otherwise, I cannot consider your request.
How are bookings handled? How does your WebForm work? Can’t I just email you?
I only accept appointments booked on My WebForm as it’s the fastest and easiest way to book a date with Me. Please make sure you have decided on a date and time before you contact Me. I will run a discreet screen and background check based on the information you provide. Using My form makes me comfortable that you respect my policies and are serious, and this allows Me to make you a priority. It also helps me to respond quickly to your enquiry. Please understand that this is a business and the booking process will be handled in a professional manner. No calls will be made to ask third parties about you. The form is ‘all in one’ and is for the benefit of both of us as bookings require the utmost discretion and safety. We will have time to socialize when we meet but let’s take the introduction phase seriously. If your answers cause me to feel unsafe, I will reject the appointment.
How do I book? How will I know when my appointment is accepted?
I will be notified as soon as you complete My Webform and will email you to confirm that your appointment has been accepted. You will then need to proceed to the financial section and choose one of the payment methods. The minimum session length I offer is 90 minutes. Feel free to ask about the possibility of extended hours and multi-service discounts. I'll always favor you because you chose me. All bookings require at least three hours’ advance notice and there are no ‘right now’ appointments.
Payments and Tributes:
Rule Number One: All bookings require a deposit or prepayment!
When do you expect payment?
After my acceptance email arrives, you will have one hour to make a deposit or prepayment. Please ensure your tribute is paid at least five hours prior to the appointment. If you are already My friend, then you know how it works… If you are a first-timer, please bring the remaining (in case of deposit) payment to the appointment in an unsealed envelope and place it on the desk or table. This will not apply, of course, if you have already paid in full. I will discreetly tuck the envelope away before we begin. Important: I do not accept cash from first-time suitors and deposit or prepayment is mandatory if this is your first appointment with Me. If the date is longer than three hours, payment is required within 24 hours of the date your appointment is accepted.
What types of payments do you accept?
The options are listed on My WebForm page under ‘Preferred Payment Methods’. Please do not ask about ‘other methods” as these are the only payment methods I accept. If you don’t know how to use them, try Google and you’ll find them all very easy to set up.
Do you accept credit cards?
Not at the moment.
Do you accept “cash upon arrival”?
If we are friends and have an established connection, I’ll accept cash in hand. This is not an option for first-timers.
Why NO Phone calls?
My personal and professional life is very busy and I deal with many calls, texts, and emails each day. My website is very thorough and if you read it all carefully, it will make both of our lives easier. Voice calls could happen to voice-verify provided we agree on a mutually acceptable time for the call.
Can I still insist on requesting a call to voice-verify?
Yes, you can and it will be a brief call. If you want to chat on the phone, however, the answer is no! I prefer initial contact via my WebForm. My phone number is private so that I can maintain a ‘normal’ life and screen out suitors I am not compatible with. When you complete My WebForm, you can either: (1) provide your work address and be clear that I should write to you from My discreet ‘non-Roberta’ email address, or (2) spend five minutes to sign up for hushmail/Gmail or other such free email services. Alternately, you can enter a fake email address and explain in the written area why you consider a phone call necessary as opposed to an email. If your explanation simply says ‘call me’ it will be ignored. Note also that I am familiar with NDAs.
I don't like Deposits, is there another way?
If you don’t wish to pay the deposit I require, please save us both some time and look for a Mistress who doesn't require them. Deposits are one of My business practices and they allow Me to safeguard My time. Yes, my time is valuable and I don’t wish to worry about cancellations or other such issues... call it self-care.
Can we meet for coffee or a drink to get to know each other first?
Absolutely! We can meet in a social setting, however, my customary fee for the time spent will apply. I will ask that you provide me with the deposit upfront and the rest in an envelope or gift bag immediately upon your arrival. If you’re nervous, please know that I’m very easy to get along with and will do everything I can to make you feel comfortable.
I have Privacy Concerns...
I wouldn’t have been able to remain in business all these years if I shared private client information. It’s in My interest to keep your data safe and if we don’t reach a session agreement, your information will be deleted. Believe me, your privacy concerns are also mine, however, the information you provide is necessary in order to assure a safe session for both of us. I’ve been with the most important, nicest people a lady can dream of and discretion has always been paramount. Under NO circumstances would your data ever be shared and by the same token, you are not to share mine.
9:00 AM to 9:00 PM. I’m also available outside of these hours provided you book at least 24 hours in advance. Monday through Saturday; Sundays upon request. Advance booking is always preferred.
Do you travel to my city?
I travel everywhere! If you’re more than a one- hour drive from the city I happen to be in, I will require a four-hour minimum booking in order to meet with you. If you’re within a one-hour flight of my current location, I will also meet with you for a four-hour minimum but will require payment of My travel expenses as well. If you would like Me to visit a specific city you can send a booking request.
Do you send pictures? Videos?
Sometimes, but when I do, it’s a special treat only offered as a ‘courtesy’. I have a store where you may purchase My content. I am a professional and producing clips and doing photoshoots is costly. Consider what’s involved: lighting, outfits, My time, driving or flying, cameras, equipment, studio time, and third parties. I do not produce my own videos or photoshoots but, rather, hire professionals to do this for Me. I love to deliver to you the most beautiful and professional work possible. So, to answer this question: you should not ask for pictures or videos but should support Me by buying my content.
What if I need MORE pictures before I make my decision?
Seriously? Don’t count on it. There are more than enough pictures on my website to allow you to make a decision. These are the only photos I am willing to share. I choose to be discreet and not to show my face in some images, in order to protect your privacy and My own, even via email. While I’m often told that I turn heads, it’s never because I’ve been recognized for my web presence. That would not only be indiscreet, but quite embarrassing and awkward for both of us. When we’re together, no one will ever know I’m simply your girlfriend for the evening or weekend.
Do you see couples/women?
Absolutely! I love to meet with couples or with women only. In order for this to happen, I do need to screen both parties in order to feel safe. This must also be the lady’s idea or desire as much as the man’s. If this is a pressure situation, it won’t be fun for any of us. For couples, please be sure to add 50% to My booking fee.
I see you listed everywhere. Where do you live?
I live in Washington DC and also have residences in Montreal and Toronto. I fly between these locations two to four times a month and I travel to many other cities as well. Sometimes I travel in order to attend to personal business in addition to professional private modeling, and traveling for photoshoots also takes up a lot of My time. I also spend a considerable amount of time on virtual work such as text, camera, and phone sessions. So, if you see My ads, I am probably in town, on My way, or simply advertising in the area for future appointments or virtual sessions.
Do you “party”?
Please do not even mention any kind of substance. I don’t. I won’t. I never did. I never will. And If you do, we are not a fit.
Where can I find reviews of you?
I have a zero review policy and I believe that intimate encounters require the utmost discretion. I would prefer that our time unfold organically, and not be overshadowed by acronyms or predefined expectations, and I hope you feel the same. I do not see hobbyists. I do not accept reviews because I am not a hotel, a restaurant, or an object. Unfortunately, there have been fake reviews posted about Me and some of My pictures have been used without permission. I have one website and my emails will always show my brand, MsRoberta.com
Do you offer Custom Videos?
Yes, My content is available for purchase. Upon request, I can produce an extraordinary video for your eyes only. Remember: all My products are copyright protected.
As a fan, should I send you a tribute or purchase your content?
You may Use GiftRocket or other such options. Please email me at contact@msroberta.com and I will send you the instructions.
What are some of your favorite things?
I love to be indulged! From a buttery fresh croissant to a black gift bag from Chanel. Would you like to roll around in fresh white linen sheets all morning before we lounge on the beach together with a fruity drink? Of course you would! These are My favorite things and they’re all available to you! Ohhhh, you want something simpler? I know women are impossible to shop for so I’ve listed some of My favorite things. Email me for mpre information. Of course, the best gift is to build a longstanding friendship together, which I very much look forward to doing with you. This isn’t to say that I don’t adore gifts, though; I am a woman, of course!
What are your hobbies?
I’m always eager to visit a fine arts museum, I enjoy books on philosophy and history, and I love to travel. I also adore photography and jazz, and music positively enlightens my day.

Many things to say…


In addition, I won‘t see clients from any Review Board as I have a ‘do not review’ policy.


Unless I already know you, the following rules will apply:All first-timers must make a minimum 50% deposit in order to book.If you cancel three hours or more before the scheduled meeting time, you may put the deposit towards a rescheduled session within the next 10 days.If you cancel with less than three hours’ notice, you will forfeit your deposit.I do not engage in criminal activities and I have a zero-tolerance anti-drug policy.

A glass of wine or champagne enlightens my day…

BUT, the date will be terminated if any use of drugs or excessive drinking occurs.
We are responsible adults who simply wish to have an amazing time; that’s all.

The NO NOs:
    Rude behavior of any kind. Solicitation of sexual services > will END OUR DATE. 

NO Explicit conversation. 

NO Unsolicited pictures.

NO more than 15 minutes late to your appointment.

Minimum age: 35 years old.

*Refunds are possible if you provide what I consider to be an acceptable explanation. This is offered on a case by case basis and is solely at my discretion.Honesty means a lot to me.I’m sure we’ll get along…

You are, after all, a gentleman… and I’m your Lady!